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Home Automation

Smart Home

The Maple Arch home automation team is devoted to delivering high-quality, trustworthy smart home technology and home AV systems for the most exceptional residences and businesses. Each assignment we complete provides a perfect mix of luxury and efficiency, ensuring that you can always savor the ultimate in intelligent living.


    Digital Installers have the expertise to create a sophisticated home environment that enhances your way of living throughout your city. Whether it's controlling the ideal temperature technology can effortlessly become a part of your everyday life. Discover the benefits of smart lighting, automated thermostats, and voice-activated entertainment, and see firsthand how a fully integrated smart home can revolutionize your lifestyle.


    Envision a room illuminated with flawless light, all at the touch of a button on your smart device. A residential lighting control system offers an enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing, and practical solution. At Digital Installers, we go beyond simply installing linear lighting systems and affordable LED lights for your home. We also connect you with licensed contractors who can design a captivating, energy-efficient lighting experience to enhance the ambiance of your indoor space.


    Home appliances and devices have become more convenient and efficient thanks to advanced technology. The integration of voice control into home automation has enhanced the experience of managing these devices, making it more enjoyable and effortless.

    When it comes to home security or other systems, voice control enables tasks to be completed within seconds. Digital Installers offers the most dependable and cutting-edge voice control installation for the latest home automation technology.


    Our team is committed to ensuring your safety and safeguarding the possessions that hold the utmost importance in your life. Our clientele relies on us to safeguard the irreplaceable and invaluable. We have diligently built a solid foundation of trust within the community.


    Automated smart locks that do not require keys provide convenience, security, and safety for your home or business. State-of-the-art smart lock technology ensures peace of mind for property owners, whether they are at home, at work, or away from both locations.


    Smart garage door openers offer both security and convenience. With the convenience of an internet connection, you can effortlessly control the entrance and exit of your garage from anywhere, using any vehicle.