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UPVC Windows

UPVC Windows

The Maple Arch offers a wide selection of stunning window styles that will not only enhance the outside of your home but also shield it from the damaging effects of the outside world. Select from hundreds of styles that offer the dual benefits of lowering energy expenses and blocking out noise, dust, rain, and pollution.

With a selection that includes bay, tilt-and-turn, combo, slider, and casement windows, The Maple Arch provides the most cutting-edge uPVC window designs available in India. You may peruse every kind of uPVC window available and personalize the one that best suits the interior decor of your house. Discover our uPVC window collection, install some, and experience the difference!

Advantages of UPVC Windows

  • Customizable:

    The majority of UPVC doors, windows, and external facias are typically white in color. But with to advancements in the production process, homeowners may now choose from an array of customizable forms, designs, and imitation effects, like wood grain, in addition to color. Installers and manufacturers may now customize UPVC goods to your exact requirements, so your doors and windows will match your house or property flawlessly.

  • Low Maintanance:

    Unlike natural materials, which need yearly sanding, varnishing, and repainting, UPVC requires little upkeep. The only maintenance required for UPVC windows and doors is a wipe down with soapy water to avoid stains and remove dirt or grime. These materials can withstand weathering for decades.

  • Durability:

    Because of the material's extraordinary toughness, the frames can withstand even the most harsh weather conditions and are resistant to decay and corrosion. This is especially useful for properties near the sea, where excessive salt content might be an issue. In addition to being shielded from UV rays, the UPVC coating also keeps the material from fading over time in the sun.

  • Eco-Friendly:

    UPVC windows typically have a lifespan of 40-80 years and are constructed from recyclable materials to minimize their environmental impact in the long run. When replacing UPVC windows and doors, it is important to inquire with your installer about proper disposal methods to guarantee recycling. This way, the materials can be repurposed for items like pipes and plumbing fittings, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

  • Fire retardant:

    According to construction regulations, windows and door frames and components must be constructed from fire-rated materials to stop the spread of exterior fires. In accordance with the construction standards, UPVC is also a material that must follow the fire safety procedure; in the case of a fire, this material must maintain the principal path open for thirty minutes.

  • Weather Resistant:

    Weathering is a prevalent issue that affects many materials utilized for the exterior of buildings. Unlike other materials like wood, UPVC windows and doors are resistant to water and air, making them impervious to the damaging effects of the elements. This inherent durability allows UPVC installations to have a longer lifespan without showing signs of aging.